Junior Nationals Update

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What a great representation Illinois had in Madison!   EXHIBITORS, PARENTS and BREEDERS  have so much to be proud of!


**Thank you to Lisa Edenburn for her time and effort putting this recap together!

**Also below the results is a request from the AHA for feedback on Junior Nationals, PLEASE take the time to follow up on this request.

**Any Illinois Breeder that would like to have results of cattle they sold or bred that exhibited at Junior Nationals, may provide me that information and I will send out a follow up email blast on Sunday, August 7, the results will not be sent out if received by me past 5 pm on the 7th.  Any questions, please feel free to contact Kim, Membership Services Manager, at this email address.


Grand Champion Bred & Owned Heifer – Rhett Lowderman

Reserve Grand Champion Owned Polled Heifer – Rhett Lowderman

Carcass Champion Steer – Jake Bohnsack

Division and Reserve Divisions

Reserve Division IV Bulls – Nicholas Torrance

Reserve Division V B/O Heifers – Haley Bickelhaupt

Division Champion VI B/O Heifers – Rhett Lowderman

Champion Owned Horned Division IV Heifer – Morgan Lowderman

Reserve Owned  Horned Division IV Heifer – Eric Schafer

Reserve Owned Horned Division VI Heifer – Kagney, Korbin  & Kesler Collins

Reserve Owned Polled Division VIII – Alexis Black

Champion Owned Polled Division IX – Rhett Lowderman

Reserve Owned Horned Division VII – Kendall & Kade Boatman

Champion Owned Polled Division XI – Delaney Meloy

Illinois had several 1st and 2nd placing’s in classes.  Class results can be found on the AHA website.


Senior Showmanship

Reserve Champion – Taryn Adcock

3rd Place – Kagney Collins

7th Place – Breck Debnam

8th Place – Mary Kline

Intermediate Showmanship

4th Place – Korbin Collins

5th Place – Noah Benedict

6th Place – Lauren McMillan

8th Place – Rhett Lowderman

9th Place – Nicholas Torrance

10th Place – Haley Bickelhaupt

Junior Showmanship

4th Place – Emma Richardson

5th Place – Paige Lemenager

Pee-Wee Showmanship

7th Place – Kendall Boatman

10th Place – Kesler Collins

Team Fitting

1st Place – Illinois Team

Lucas Stumpf

Lauren McMillan

Kesler Collins


Junior Division

Waylon Lee – 1st Place Hereford People

Pee Wee Division

Nolan Lee – 1st Place Hereford People & 2nd Place – Hereford Cattle

JW Crane – 3rd Place Hereford People & Honorable Mention – Hereford Enhanced

Creative Arts Poster

Kendall Boatman – 2nd Place

Illustrated Speech Contest

Junior Division

Waylon Lee – 2nd Place

Pee Wee Division Participants

Kade Boatman

Kendall Boatman

John Crane

Aidan Knobloch

Nolan Lee

Ed Bible Memorial Scholarship

Kendi Sayre – 2nd Place

Del Adcock – 3rd Place

John Wayne Memorial Scholarship

Kendi Sayre

Hereford Herdsman Scholarship

Kendi Sayre

Golden Bull Achievement Award

Del Adcock – 3rd Place

Junior Golden Bull Award

9th Grade – Lauren McMillan

10th Grade – Reid Allen

12th Grade – Gabrielle Torrance

Livestock Judging


Pee- Wee

Kendall Boatman – 2nd Place


Emma Richardson – 3rd Place


Kendi Sayre – 2nd Place


Kyle McMillan – 2nd Place 


Pee- Wee

Illinois 1st Place – Kendall Boatman, Kade Boatman, Mandy Hacker, Shawn Crutcher


Illinois 1st Place – Emma Richardson, Paige Lemenager, Ty Bickelhaupt, Dellana Muck


Illinois 1st Place – Korbin Collins, Noah Benedict, Emily Bernard, Jacob Bohnsack


Illinois 2nd Place – Kendi Sayre, Kagney Collins, Del Adcock, Katie Burns


Illinois 2nd Place – Kyle McMillan, Lisa Babbs, Tom Boatman, Chad Crane

Quiz Bowl – Both Teams advanced to Buzzer Round

Junior Division

Lindsey Aden

Molly Biggs

Lauren McMillan

Kira Sayre

Senior Division

Haley Bickelhaupt

Gabrielle Torrance

Nicholas Torrance

Kendi Sayre

Outstanding Junior Member

Gabrielle Torrance

Retiring National Junior Board Vice Chairman – Taryn Adcock

Breeder Group of Three – Perks Ranch