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New Date and Time for the Illini Classic Sale!


New Date and Time for the Illini Classic 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015 • 6 p.m. • Illinois State Fairgrounds • Springfield, Illinois

Official Nomination Form: Due November 24, 2014

Click here to Download Illini Classic Nomination Form (61)

Questions regarding the sale should be directed to the sale committee:

Andrew Garnhart (815) 238-2381 • Buddy Edenburn (217) 649-0108 • Cody Lowderman (309) 313-2171


2014 Illinois State Fair Hereford Results

Illinois Hereford Tour is fast approaching, August 23 and 24!  Everyone should have their Bulletin’s by now, in it on  pages 13-14 you will see the schedule of stops, estimated times, information on lodging (Northfield Center 217-523-7900) and information on meals.  We need to help all of our hosts as much as possible and give them some RSVP #’s to work with!  PLEASE RSVP back to this email if nothing else, with your name, # in your party and if you have any clue on how many of the meals you might make (lunch Saturday, dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday and lunch Sunday).  You can view the Bulletin also at www.illinoishereford.com also.

All the tour stops thank you for your time and attention to assisting us with RSVP’s so they may plan accordingly!


Polled Hereford Champion Drive.

Polled Hereford Champion Drive.

photo (10)

Illinois State Fair Champion Hereford Drive


2014 Illinois State Fair Results

Junior Show Results Friday and Saturday:

Champion Horned Hereford Heifer – Junior Show –   Jess Hawk  Bred by:  DeLHawk Cattle Company

Reserve Champion Horned Hereford Heifer – Junior Show – Lauren McMillan Bred by:  Lauren McMillan

Champion Polled Hereford Heifer and  Grand Champion Land of Lincoln Heifer  – Junior Show  Garrett Post   Bred by:  DeLHawk Cattle Company

Reserve Champion Polled Hereford Heifer – Junior Show – Mariah Behrends   Bred by:   Mariah Behrends/Behrends Farms

Grand Champion Land of Lincoln Steer Braden Musgrave  Bred by:   Purple Reign Cattle Company

Reserve Champion Hereford Steer and 4th Overall Land of Lincoln Steer:  Jared Hinshaw   Bred by:   Kline Herefords

Open Hereford and Polled Hereford Show Saturday, August 9, 2014

Grand Champion Polled Hereford Heifer Exhibited by:  Garrett Post      Bred by:  DeLHawk Cattle Company

Reserve Grand Champion Polled Hereford Heifer Exhibited by:  Jake Bloomberg    Bred by:  Beatty & Walsh

Grand Champion Polled Hereford Bull Exhibited/Owned by: Perks Ranch, Carter St John, and Green Dorr Farms, MI  Bred by:  Carter St. John

Reserve Grand Champion Polled Hereford Bull Exhibited by:  Lowderman Cattle Company  Bred by: Lowderman Cattle Company

Champion Hereford Cow/Calf exhibited Cole Baker ,,bred by Cole Baker.

Lauren McMillan’s Grand Champion Horned Bull was bred by her

Premier Exhibitor:  Moffett Farms

Special Recognition of Moffett Farms and Larry Moffett for exhibiting at the Illinois State Fair for 60 years!

Grand Champion Horned Hereford Heifer Exhibited by:  Mary Kline     Bred by:  Mary Kline

Reserve Grand Champion Horned Hereford Heifer

Exhibited by:  Jess Hawk  Bred by:  DeLHawk Cattle Company Grand Champion Horned Hereford Bull

Exhibited by:  Lauren McMillan/Rustic Oak Farm  Bred by:  Lauren McMillan

Reserve Grand Champion Horned Hereford Bull Exhibited by:  Perks Ranch  Bred by:  Perks Ranch

Premier Exhibitor : Sayre Herefords (Tim, Tracie, Seely, Kendi and Kira Sayre)

Open Steer Show Sunday, August 10, 2014

SHELDON captured the Grand Champion Land of Lincoln Steer (Open Show) Exhibited by: Del Adcock and Bred by:  Stephens Herefords

Congratulations to ALL the exhibitors, breeders and family/friend support groups!  Illinois Herefords have a lot to be proud of!

As always, we are here to keep your membership dollars working!  Let us know how we can help you!

Kim Carney Rhodes

Membership Services Manager


Hereford Tour Information & Illinois Winners at JNHE

The Illinois Hereford Association will be sponsoring a tour the weekend of August 23 and 24.  A block of rooms have been reserved in Springfield for $81 per night with the Northfield Center for the 23rd.  You can contact them at 217.523.7900to make your reservation.  The block is saved until the 8th of August.  Look for more information to be coming about farm stops, dinner and RSVP.


THANK YOU to Lisa Edenburn for her work on putting this summary of Illinois’s accomplishments in Harrisburg!  I was going to send out an update with a link to the AJHA website for everyone to go look up results because all though I was not there I heard Illinois really showed their stuff to rest of the country!

Congratulations to all the exhibitors, breeders, parents, family and friends who were involved in all of the success!  What a week for Illinois Juniors and Illinois Breeders!

I apologize in advance if we missed anyone!


Illinois had a tremendous week in Pennsylvania.  Illinois did well in many contests in and out of the showring.  The following is a list of placings for the contest and in the showring 1st place and division winners.  Congratulations to everyone.

ILLINOIS won the GKB Cattle Super States Award for over 25 head of cattle.

Mentor Program:

Protégé – John Crane

Mentors – Noah Benedict & Kendi Sayre


Waylon Lee – Honorable Mention – Hereford Cattle – Pee Wee

Waylon Lee – 1st Place – People – Pee Wee

Wade Allen – 2nd place – People – Pee Wee

John Crane – 1st place – Hereford Enhanced – Pee Wee

Lauren McMillan – 1st – Hereford Enhanced – Junior

Team Fitting:

2nd Place – James Bernard, Korbin Collins, Kesler Collins

Illustrated Speech Contest

Pee Wee Participants – Ty Bickelhaupt, John Crane, Waylon Lee

Senior Division – Emily Marlow – 3rd Place

Extemporaneous Speech Contest

Intermediate Division – Gabi Torrance – 2nd Place

Senior Division – Katie Burns – 1st place

Ed Bible Memorial Scholarship – Seely Sayre – 4th Place

Livestock Judging contest –

Adult Division – 2nd place Kyle McMillan, 3rd Place Tom Boatman

Junior Team – Illinois had both 2nd and 3rd place teams.  Team members were Reid Allen, Victoria Allen, Haley Bickelhaupt, Trevor Bickelhaupt, Lauren McMillan, Mackenzie Perry, Kira Sayre, Nicholas Torrance

Senior Team – 1st place – Del Adcock, Kagney Collins, Marie Lock, Gracia Ramp

Adult Team – 1st place – Tom Boatman, Chad Crane, Bailey Edenburn, Kyle McMillan

Prospect Award

7th Grade – Lauren McMillan

Creative Arts

Junior Division – Lauren McMillan – 1st place

Team Marketing

Junior Division – 1st place – Caleb Benedict, Noah Benedict, Lauren McMillan

Hereford Bowl

Junior Top Written Score – Nick Torrance

Junior Division – 2nd Place Team – Lindsey Aden, Haley Bicklehaupt, Lauren McMillan, Nick Torrance

Senior Team advanced to buzzer round – Katie Burns, Rhiannon Branch, Gabi Torrance, Seely Sayre

Hereford Idol – Junior Winner – Kendall Boatman

3 on 3 Basketball – Senior Division – 1st place – Jake Bloomberg, Blake Lowderman, DJ Williams

Outstanding State Junior Member – Elise Hackett

Future Cattleman Scholarship – Seely Sayre

Herdsman of Year Nominee – Matt Johnson

Senior Premier Breeder – DelHawk Cattle Company


Pee Wee -5th place Kesler Collins

Junior –Champion Showman – Rhett Lowderman,  7th place – Corey Stumpf, 10th place Lauren McMillan

Intermediate – 3rd place – Lucas Stumpf, 9th place Emily Bernard

Senior – 9th place – Marie Lock, 10th place- Seely Sayre

Division and Class Winners


Division IV and class winner 16 – Lauren McMillan

B & O Heifers

Class Winner 22 – Mary Kline

Class Winner 24 – Gabrielle Torrance

Class Winner 30 – Blake Lowderman

Class Winner 35 – Ty Bickelhaupt

Class Winner 36 – Nicholas Torrance

Class Winner 41 – Gabrielle Torrance

Class Winner 42 – Lauren McMillan

Division V – Gabrielle Torrance

Class Winner 43 – Nicholas Torrance

Reserve Division VI – Nicholas Torrance


Class Winner 53 – Gracia Ramp

Reserve Grand Champion Steer – Gracia Ramp

Owned Heifers

Class Winner 61 – Jess Hawk

Reserve Division I Polled – Jess Hawk

Class Winner 63 – Mary Kline

Horned Division I Champion – Mary Kline

Class Winner 64 – Marie Lock

Class Winner 82 – Dean Adcock

Class Winner 85 – Miranda Edenburn

Class Winner 94 – Rhett Lowderman

Class Winner 95 – Garrett  Post

Polled Division V Champion – Garrett Post

Class Winner 106 – Mary Kline

Class Winner 113 – Gabrielle Torrance

Class Winner 118 – Mariah Behrends

Class Winner 119 – Kagney Collins

Class Winner 125 – Nicholas Torrance

Illinois also had numerous 2nd place animals as well.

For 2014 – 2015 – The National Communications Chairman will be Elise Hackett and the National Leadership Chairman will be Taryn Adcock.

Congratulations to Everyone on a successful JNHE.

If anyone is interested they can see all the winning photographs on line and video of everyday from JNHE via the American Hereford Association Website.

Good Luck to All at the State Fair.